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If your intention is to learn our language, but you have no the possibility to come to Guatemala, do not worry, we have a better solution for you. Our online classes are a great way to start your learning Spanish, or continue with your lessons after your visit to Guatemala. It's simple and effective; we have teachers with training, professional and native of Guatemala.

We use the best resources for learning more and better with our workbook “TU Español Funcional”, with over 200 exercises to do, reading, vocabulary, etc.

Cultural Aspect

You will discover important aspects of Guatemalan culture as specific topics of interest including important as literature, music, customs and traditions.



A grammatical structure, easy to understand and practice, is the key to success in our individual instruction. Divided into classes which details every point to learn, with the advantage that our classes are completely flexible, our students have the opportunity to choose the grammatical subject in need or require to improve their knowledge or practice.


Our textbooks and readings are an important tool for student learning, for that reason oral exercises are vital for a proper understanding and implementation of the language when speaking. In our curriculum, we implemented an interactive mix of written exercises (homework for the next lesson) and oral during class time with the teacher.

Tecun Umán Online offers:

  • University-educated instructors specialized in teaching Spanish online
  • An academic director to supervise your program
  • Professional staff to help you, coordinate your program
  • A unique and proven methodology, one-on-one instruction.
  • A workbook with over 200 pages of exercise.
  • Regular testing


  • When you study Spanish with us, you see results materialize after the very first lesson because you practice speaking Spanish one-to-one in every single class.
  • You will keep motivated thanks to regular evaluations and lesson plans that give you a clear sense of accomplishment and purpose.
  • You are unique. Your Web Spanish teacher will adapt the course to suit your needs letting you advance at your own pace.


The Two Ingredients of Effective Spanish Study

Studying grammar and practicing conversation are necessary ingredients of effective Spanish learning. The best Spanish study programs include both of these essential components, giving students plenty of reading and writing practice, as well as opportunities to use the Spanish they learn.

Getting Started

  • Download and Install SKYPE (find instructions below)
  • Take a 55-minute trial class
  • Select number of Spanish lessons
  • Arrange your schedule
  • Begin your program

Once you take your trial class and you have seen for yourself how Tecun Uman Online can help you, you can choose one of the following price-packages and continue your studies:

Study PackageNumber of HoursPrice per HourTotal Price
TU Online 1 10 $ 10.00 $ 100.00
TU Online 2 20 $ 9.50 $ 190.00
TU Online 3 30 $ 9.00 $ 270.00
TU Online 4 40 $ 8.50 $ 340.00

*One academic hour lasts 55 minutes.
*More than 40 hours, the price per hour is $ 8.50

Which online Spanish course si best for me?

  • TU Online 1 is ideal for Spanish learners who are just beginning their studies and want to take things step by step.

  • TU Online 2 is great for students who are serious about learning Spanish and want to make headway with mastering the language. You can also make yourself a good saving with our special discounted price!

  • TU Online 3 and TU Online 4 is aimed at Spanish students who really mean business and are 100% dedicated to learning the language. Enjoy the extra discount as a reward for your enthusiasm and commitment to learning Spanish!

How to install SKYPE

  • Go to the Skype website and click Get Skype for Windows desktop. Save the Skype installation file and then open it to install Skype on your computer.

  • The Skype install file is about 1MB in size. When you run the install file, the installer will download the Skype application (about 20MB) in the background.

  • On windows, go to your Download folder, to your applications folder on Mac and install, select your language, read the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, then next.

  • Skype opens and the sign-in screen is displayed. To begin using Skype, you need to sign in first. You can sign in with your: Skype Name, MS or Facebook account.

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