Spanish Classes for Retired Students

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Over this 30 years of teaching Spanish, we also learned to give to our students the most professional service to make sure that the experiences in our school will be amazing. For that reason, we design an special program for those lovely students, who wants to have  the best of the best here at Tecun Uman School.

 The daily lesson will start at 8:00 a.m., in the first two hours (8:00 - 10:00) the lessons will focus on grammar and oral exercises so since the first moment, the student will start to speak in Spanish. There is a 30 minute coffee and socializing break with other students, then from 10:30 to 12:00, one-on-one conversation and activities. This is a schedule for four hours per day, we also can be flexible and give you a 3 hours daily, to complete 15 hours.

The work plan is so flexible that the class will not necessarily be designed like this, you can focus on specific topics such as politics, economy, health, etc.. The idea is that students quickly become familiar with verbs, tenses, phrases and words quickly, and begin to develop their understanding of the language.

In short, our service to our adult retired students may enjoy:
  • Talking loud and clear
  • Find the areas of the school, with the least possible noise
  • Create an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort in the workplace
  • Adequate natural lighting
  • Near parks and flowers
  • Enough studing material
  • Using computers for classes auditory
  • Homework can be optional
  • Friendly and professional teachers (men and women)
  • Different topics of conversation - political, economic, cultural, religious.
  • Flexible hours and workplace
  • Comfortable facilities, with the option to work in a separate place outside school.

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