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An important part of the experience for many students is the oportunity to give back to the community of Antigua and the country of Guatemala. We highly encourage our students to consider doing some volunteer work because there is a great deal of need in Guatemala, but also because of the cultural experience and opportunity to practice Spanish that volunteering provides.

The following is a short list of suggested volunteer opportunities to which Tecun Uman regularly sends students:

Semillero Mi Angel Guarian

Is an educational project that is helping the underprivileged children of the aldea of Santa Ana near Antigua, Guatemala. Thanks to the generosity of Guatemalan and international volunteers, these children from 6 to 14 years old can find at the Semillero a pedagogical support for their academic work. They are initiated to activities such as crafts, carpentry and agriculture and receive food support and health services. This project operates entirely with the financial support of international volunteers.

Go to: http://www.semilleromiangelguardian.org/

Los Patojos

Is a program composed of different human development projects in the community of Jocotenango, Sacatapequez, Guatemala. Los Patojos promotes the popular education and the adequate training in social values, the culture of peace, art and the critical thinking to improve the quality of the lives that are part of this program. Los Patojos puts dreams and ideas into action, seeking the integration and social justice for all of us who believe, and constructing a better country.

LAVOSI - Friends of the Deaf

Friends of the Deaf, officially known as the Friends of People with Auditory Deficiencies, is dedicated to improving the lives of people with auditory deficiencies through our support of Las Voces del Silencio (LAVOSI). LAVOSI is an educational project for the deaf in Guatemala utilizing the Guatemalan Sign Language in all its classes. LAVOSI, "where the voiceless have a voice and a choice!"

The deaf in Guatemala plead that we construct a more inclusive society, where nobody is left out, because unfortunately, the deaf are seen as inferior, incapable and worthless, and this is just not true!

Friends of the Deaf was founded to let the deaf in Guatemala know:
"You are not alone; your Friends are here for you!"

Go to http://www.friendsofthedeaf.com

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