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From the coast to the highest point in Central America, at 4,211 m. (13,815 ft), Guatemala has an incredible geographic and cultural diversity. From surfing the Pacific to cruising the Carribean to a string of volcanoes, inland lakes, and rainforests, Guatemala has a world´s worth of fascinating places.

The center of the ancient Mayan Empire, Guatemala still retains its culture. With a population of 13.3 million people, 40% are Mayan Indegenous, and speak an ancient mayan language. Many wear  traditional clothing and practice Mayan culture. Later, as a center of Spanish Colonial power,  Guatemala was adorned with incredible colonial architecture. Thousands of impresive churches, monostaries, and government buildings were constructed, as early as 1519.

  • Semuc Champey

    Semuc Champey

    beautiful limestone pools set deep in the jungle. Jump from cliffs, or enjoy the best natural swim you will ever have.

  • Chichicastenango


    Visit the Mayan Market Town of Chichicastenango, Thursday and Sunday are market days, when people flock to buy woven articles, wood carvings and ceramics. Remember to bargain!

  • Lake Atitlan

    Lake Atitlan

    This crystal clear lake is set in an ancient volcanic crater over 500 m deap. Boat around the lake to visit undisturbed Mayan villages, or tourist towns, like Panajachel. Swim, kayak, and ride horses.

  • Tikal Peten

    Peten Tikal

    Set in a tropical jungle which houses howler and spider monkeys, iguanas, jaguars and many colorful birds. The worlds most impressive Mayan ruins cover more than 222 square miles.

  • Pacaya Volcano

    Climb an Active Volcanoe

    Volcan Pacaya is just a short drive from Antigua. Climb with a guide to see active lava flows every day

  • Salsa Dancing

    Salsa Dancing

    In group or private Salsa music dance classes, discover your latin side and learn to move like the locals

  • Copan Ruins

    Copan Ruins Honduras

    While not as towering as Tikal, the temples and stelae here boast incredibly intricate, detailed carvings. Set at the center of a nature reserve for Scarlet Macaws, deep in the Honduran jungle

  • Rio Dulce

    Rio Dulce and Livingston

    Set in a tropical jungle, this river runs from Lake Izabal to the Caribbean. Pictured, the pirate fort Castillo de San Felipe, was orginally built in 1595. Livingston, Guatemala, at the mouth of the Carribean has a strong African influence and fascinating Garifuna culture not found in any other part of Guatemala

 Víctor Pérez, has lead these fantastic student experiences for many years, and  knows the interesting history and background of each location, as well as all the insider tips that only an experienced Guatemalan national can provide.

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