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Activities give students a wider view of Guatemalan culture and history, and increase social interaction among students.

We understand that activities are an important part of time spent in Guatemala, as they allow students to see and interact in a variety of authentic experiences. Living and studying in a new place can be difficult without a healthy social environment and easy opportunities to make friends. While we certainly hope that students will go out on their own and socialize with Guatemalans and other travelers, we want to make sure that our students have ample time to socialize and make friends amongst themselves as well. With this in mind, we have designed our activities to be fun, engaging, informative, and social. Activities include excursions and tours, informative lectures, salsa classes, discussions and debates, visits to ruins and museums, volcano climbs, and visits to coffee and macademia farms. Ana, Silvia y Cristina are our activity coordinators, is responsible for afternoon activities each day. Every Monday she passes out a schedule of the weeks activities, so that students can think in advance about how they would like to plan their week.

All activities are free and optional, with some having a small entrance fee or transportation cost (usually around $1-$4). A typical schedule of activities might look like this: (free unless noted).

DaysTimeActivity Description
Monday 2:00 pm Orientation walking tour, and tour macadamia plantation view photo gallery
Tuesday 3:00 pm Colective Class: Dancing class, cooking class, ceramics class view photo gallery
Wednesday 2:00 pm Tour of 1624 royal colonial house, restored to original condition; entrance $2.00.
Thursday 2:00 pm La Azotea Museum of coffee, music and artisanship; entrance $3.50 view photo gallery
Friday 2:00 pm Visit to volunteer project: Semillero, Mi Angel Guardian

 Weekends are your free time to explore Antigua, enjoy the nightlife, or make excursions to other parts of Guatemala. The school organizes a trip each weekend for students wishing to travel in a group. These trips vary in cost, distance, and type of activity, and usually have 4 to 10 students. Trips go to Tikal, Lake Atitlan, beaches, Copan Ruinas Honduras, etc.

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