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Family Home-Stay in Antigua Guatemala


The Best Homestay-Total Immersion Program in Antigua Guatemala Since 1983

Family environment, PLUS three meals a day *.

Learning Spanish is much easy and more fun if you have options to practice, therefore the total immersion that the homestay provide give the opportunity to speak, listen and learn all the time, for that reason since 1983, we have refined our options to only the best available. 

Based on student reviews, we only offer the friendliest families, the best locations, and the best overall experience. For considerations for our students comfort and budgets, we have carefully chosen and developed relationships with homestay families in Antigua.

Four housing options are available to our students:

  • Family Homestay in Antigua Guatemala
  • Apartments in Antigua Guatemala and Around
  • Friendly places in Antigua Guatemala

Family Homestay Room & Board

The family Homestay is one of our keys of success, is an integral part of the total immersion experience, where the students can have a unique view of living in a middle class home, native from Antigua, where also they will have the experience  share the Guatemalan culture, traditions, celebrations, meals and much more.

The treatment is personalized, students will have direct relationship with the family, share meals, in some cases can share other family activities, and all depends on the attitude of the students. The opportunity to talk in each meal is available all the time.  Family location is excellent, most of the houses are two to four blocks from the school, this means a walk of 10-15 minutes.

The food is healthy, fresh ingredients and well purified, food portions are very good, to be satisfied. The food menus are varied, and can be designed for students who have problems such as lactose intolerance, gluten, also vegetarian students with all its exceptions, families are experienced in all types of food.  Please note that it is very important that the student informs the family and the school address, if there is a special situation, to be in total control.
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You will have at your disposal the following:
  • 7 nights by week.
  • Private room. (The student has freedom to come and go out)
  • Private or shared bathroom.
  • Hot water in the shower.
  • Internet connexion.
  • 16 meals per week. 
  • Purified water for every meal.
  • Three meals per day are included from Monday to Friday, Saturday only the breakfast and no meals on Sunday.
  • The Family offer purified water only for the meals, if you want for the rest of the day you can buy it in any store.
  • The Family offer bathroom cleaning and changing sheets once a week.

Meals are not included during National Holidays (listed below):

  • Christimas Eve
  • New Year.
  • Easter -  Thrusday and Friday
  • May 1st - Labor day
  • June 30th - Guatemalan Army's Day.
  • June 25th - Patronal feast of Antigua Guatemala
  • September 15th - Independence Day of Guatemala
  • November 1st - All saints day

In order to meet each students levels of comfort and budget, Tecun Uman provides a range of accommodations in family homestays, and allows students to choose the best options:

Please email us or call us to find out about our prices and special pacakges.

Cost in US$ p/person p/weekDescription
$ 90.00 Private room and shared bathroom
$ 85.00 Shared room and bathroom
$ 120.00 Basic private room and private bathroom
$ 110.00 Shared room and private bathroom
$ 170.00 Quality private room and private bathroom
$ 200.00 High-level private room and private bathroom
Paymet method

Payments must be done at the school or directly with families. If payment is in families, we recommend that you make at the beginning of each week, on Monday or Tuesday preferentially in cash, quetzals or dollars.

Appartment Stay

The school also offers the option of be in apartment, 1 or 2 comfortable rooms, nice and large, fully equipped, TV cable and access to internet WIFI, changing sheets and cleaning rooms once a week, excellent location.

Prices are:

  • Minimum $600.00 per month
  • Maximum $700.00 per month

Friendly Places to Stay

We can assist you with the arrangements for your hotel stay in Antigua Guatemala.

These are a few recommended options for your stay:

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