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Mario Castellanos

Distinguished Citizen Award Antigua Guatemala

The recent July 25, as every year, on the occasion of the festivities of Santiago Apostol, the Municipality of the city of Antigua Guatemala, gave recognition to people who for his career, have excelled and contributed to the development of the municipality, each in its various spaces.

Our director, Mario René Castellanos, was awarded the title of "Distinguished Antigüeño" being recognized our work as boosters of the Spanish language and encourage the Guatemalan culture to the world.

With over 30 years of practice, trial, and observation, director Mario Castellanos has one of the most refined Spanish teaching curriculums on the planet. By participating in the learning of his students, observing their comprehension, and maintaining constant contact with his teachers, Mario has a background, understanding, and intimacy with the process of learning Spanish that is unmatched in other Spanish schools in Antigua. Coupled with the training and experience of our teachers, Tecun Uman offers the best opportunity to learn Spanish in Antigua. Our teachers are all college graduates in Education, and have graduated from Universidad Rafael Landivar and Universdad Rural de Guatemala with certifications in Teaching Spanish as a Second Language.

Because of our excellent curriculum and teachers, we are recognized by the Ministry of Education and INGUAT, the Office of Tourism in Guatemala. We are very proud to be one of the few schools to offer university credits to our students through La Universidad Rural de Guatemala. Additionally, we are a reccomended school in the Lonely Planet Guide to Guatemala.

We are extremely proud to say that the average experience of our teachers is 19 years!

Tecun Uman´s teachers have been carefully selected based on their educational training, experience in teaching Spanish, and their qualities of kindness, friendliness, and patience. We believe there should be a good working-relationship between our teachers and our students, so if at anytime a student does not feel comfortable with a particular teacher, there is no problem in changing.

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