About the Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout Screen

The company is praised constantly for building the most helpful Amazon software for the public. Jungle Scout is no stranger to good press: they have received it in worldwide publications such as Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., and Wall Street Journal. Jungle Scout also offers all sorts of free resources. Here are some of them:

  • A beginner’s guide is provided for those who may not be experts when it comes to reselling techniques, and can certainly help the consumer get an idea for what they are getting into.
  • To become a successful reseller, you have to understand what sells, and Jungle Scout offers a free Ebook that lists the 10,000 most top-selling Amazon products.
  • There is also an additional Ebook that Jungle Scout provides that explores over 1,000 potential niches that are of interest currently (in 2018).